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The 360 Musicotters campaign.

The National Audiovisual Institute launched an educational website:; its mission is to popularize classical music among children and adolescents between 12 and 18 years old and support music teachers.

We present a story about a fictional Musicotters subculture – young people fascinated by classical music. We break the stereotypes of classical music, which is traditionally regarded as unattractive for this age group. We show that this seemingly polite music can be the soundtrack to the rebellion of adolescence, an excuse for a street dance, its open to beatbox interpretation and that there is a place for it in the world of teen imagination.

The campaign focused on the Internet, because of the high possibility of “free” advertising and high potential of viral spread of content. We have completed a series of short videos for online distribution, presenting various members of the Musicotters subculture – a high school student, a hip-hop dancer, beatboxer, and hooligans. We created the website which integrates a number of campaign activities on multiple platforms (YouTube, Facebook, TV, radio, newspaper, contests, game). page links to the (music library) website and announces its content. We have also prepared competitions and ads for the youth newspapers.

The intended objective was achieved: the website successfully popularized the image of classical music, which does not alienate young audience, inspires fun and creativity, and can be used to express independence and rebellion. The Musicotters campaign was also an example of a new model of education, which at the time was extensively commented in the media. The campaign has shown an educational tool which, instead of cutting down students to its capabilities, instead allows them to use it in a way chosen by themselves, and allows the use of various sources: texts, audio and video materials. It signalled the departure of the education from unchanged school, the class, the teachers, the bell, and 45-minutes long lessons. The campaign illustrated the idea that you can engage a student to learn through play, and allow them to take the teaching process to their natural space – a courtyard, a dance, the struggle to grow independent from their parents or scuffle with a buddy.


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